Lawn Boy 10640 20-Inch Push Lawn Mower Review

Lawn Boy 10640 20-Inch Push Lawn Mower Review
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A few months ago my father called me and was complaining about his old beat up mower needing to be fixed, yet again. After I consoled him for a while I decided to see if I would be able to afford purchasing him a new mower. There were a few things that were really important to me.

What was I looking for?

  • I wanted a mower that was lightweight so my father could easily mow his own yard if I wasn’t available.
  • An easy start. Let’s face it, most lawnmowers are not that easy to start and my father isn’t as strong as he used to be.
  • A bagging system so the clippings can be easily removed from his yard completely.
  • Larger wheels to make the mower easier to maneuver around the yard.

I found all of the features that I wanted for my father’s new lawnmower in the Lawn Boy 10640 and then some. Here is a little of what I uncovered about the mower.

Power & Performance 101

This lawnmower has the infamous Briggs and Stratton 675 series engine. I had heard about this engine but I had no clue why it was good or if it was any good.  After looking into the actual engine itself I realized that this is one of the most desirable engines to have in a lawnmower.

It has power like no other mower motor on the market today. You can forget about the priming that I originally thought you always had to do because this engine cranks right up and purrs like a kitten.

The rear wheels on the Lawn Boy 10640 are 8 inches which makes them ideal for going over some of the interferences in your yard. Nothing is worse than having to lift and fight with your lawnmower to make it go where you want. With slightly larger tires in the back it gives the person more control over the lawnmower.

Removable bag gives the option as to whether or not you want to mulch or not. I especially like this because I prefer to only mulch my yard and my father’s yard at the end of the year. The extra protection for the grass is essential in New England.

Easily adjustable settings for the blade height. This was another thing that really grabbed my attention. When it gets closer to the end of the warm season I begin cutting the grass a little longer than normal to give the lawn some wore protection against the elements of winter weather.

What’s the Cost?

Naturally, I am concerned about spending too much money on a lawnmower. I am like everyone else in this economy. I need my money to stretch as far as possible. However, the Lawn Boy 10640 is not nearly as expensive as I initially thought it would be. I found a few different places online that are selling this model for between $200-300. This really didn’t seem to be a lot of money, especially when consideration is taken for all of my demands that were met for my father’s sake.

I do suggest you do some price comparisons before you jump right in and buy the Lawn Boy 10640. Keep in mind the shipping costs as well. A lot of places will charge less for the actual lawnmower and make up the difference by overcharging you for the shipping costs.

What About the Picky Consumers?

I am highly impressed with the feedback that I have seen on this lawnmower. It looks so beefy and intimidating but in reality it is lightweight and easily manageable. To my surprise I only found a couple reviews that were not in favor of this lawnmower out of the hundred or so that I read. Again, this was impressive merely because they were hardly any negativity surrounding this lawnmower.

I went a step further for my dad’s sake. I brought him to a local store that had the Lawn Boy 10640 in stock and had my dad take a look. He isn’t the easiest guy to impress but even he loved the feel of this mower. He played with the bag, raised and lowered the blades and looked under it. I’m not even sure he knew what he was looking at! But I can tell you, he had a smile on his face like he was a child in a candy store.

My father did have one complaint about the Lawn Boy 10640. He isn’t a fan of the color green and feels it should be a different color. So all in all, I would have to say this lawnmower not only impressed myself but also my father. I guess when he gets his we are going to have to paint it another color to really make him happy.

I did not buy my father his lawnmower at the store we visited. They were asking a bit more for the one there than the ones I found online with free shipping to my door, well my father’s door. So I opted to save myself some money and wait to order my father his new Lawn Boy 10640 lawnmower. I do have a feeling that my father will not be waiting for me to visit to have his lawn cut. I assume he will have the best kept lawn in New England.

This is one lawnmower that I would definitely recommend to a new homeowner or a homeowner that is in need of a new one. I can’t fathom the idea that you are going to find a better, more reliable push mower than the Lawn Boy 10640. At least not with a price tag this small attached to it.

Where Can You Buy Lawn Boy 10640 Lawn Mower?

You can buy this lawn mower from Amazon. They provide FREE shipping and from what I know, Amazon currently has the best deal comparing to other online retailers. Click here to view on Amazon.

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