Greg & Tom Hostel Review

Greg & Tom Hostel Review
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If you are looking for a home away from home, look no further than Greg & Tom Hostel in Krakow. This place was very clean, the staff were friendly, and the free breakfast AND dinner were incredible.

Greg & Tom have three locations in Krakow. Ours was conveniently right across from the main train station which was perfect for coming and going, and was a ten minute walk from the main square. Matt and I also spent a lot of time at Greg & Tom Beer House Hostel which is right in the main square. It has a pub in it that anyone can access, which is a great spot to hang out when it is raining and you feel like a pint and fresh potato pancakes : )

Since Krakow is in Eastern Europe, you will get a better bang for your buck staying here, so feel free to splurge on a private room if you want a change from the typical hostel dorms. Matt and I opted for a double bed private room, which we paid approximately $100 Canadian for two nights here. We shared a washroom which was located in the main hallway, but I never ran into anyone when I needed to use it or to shower. There was a kitchen that we could use, and our room even had a television in it! This was the first time in almost a month that we even saw a tv,  and we took advantage watching it while we fell asleep after long days exploring the city.

Even though we had our own room, we still met a lot of people at this hostel! The hostel supplies free breakfast AND dinner (can you tell we were in Poland?) in a kitchen where everyone was able to sit down like a family. We met Europeans on a week vacation, and Australians in the middle of a year long sabbatical. Matt and I fell somewhere in the middle of them, and we all exchanged travel stories and plans for our time in Krakow while we ate. Normally, I am not a fan of free breakfast because I find it is usually just the basics, and don’t usually suggest booking your hostel based on free breakfast for that reason. Greg & Tom is another story. They had a variety of cereals, fruits, pancakes, sausages… and the selection changed both days we were there! I never left hungry, and was happy to finally get a free meal that I actually wanted. Dinner was even better than breakfast with mashed potatoes, different meats and salads- I felt like I was eating at Matt’s parent’s house (that’s a good thing!) for these meals. Also like at Matt’s parents, shots were handed out during dinner as the staff got ready for the drinking games to start in the common room before the pub crawl. I was fighting a cold, so while I accepted the shots (wasn’t that sick), we didn’t join in for the pub crawl.

The hostel staff set us up with our tour of Auschwitz, which you can read about here, and the tour also came with a discounted lunch afterwards at the Greg & Tom Beer House Hostel. The staff were always friendly- offering movies to borrow, shots to try, and giving us suggestions of places to go around the city. You can also read about how we spent our time in Krakow, and fell in love with this Eastern city here.

I would stay at Greg & Tom Hostel again in a heartbeat! They’re only located in Krakow, but I wished they were all over Europe.

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