Goodwill Car Donation

Goodwill Car Donation
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If you have a vehicle that you no longer want and could benefit from a tax deduction, consider making a Goodwill car donation. Donating car to Goodwill will not only give you a tax break, but you can sleep better knowing that you are also helping the underprivileged. Donated vehicles are sold at a Goodwill car auction and the proceeds from the sale are used to fund the numerous employment services and community programs that they offer to benefit those in need in your area.Goodwill Car Donation

Goodwill Car Donation

Goodwill not only accepts car donations, but you can also donate trucks, motorcycles, RV’s, campers, SUV’s and other types of vehicles in any condition. They also offer free towing and pickup if you don’t want to, or can’t, deliver it to the donation center yourself. Goodwill car donations can be made by following a few simple guidelines.

You will first need to figure out what the fair market value is for the car that you would like to donate. This information is needed to make a Goodwill car donation as they are not allowed to determine the vehicle’s value for you. A good resource that can be used to determine the value of a vehicle is Kelly Blue Book.

To begin the Goodwill vehicle donation process, simply contact your local Goodwill office by phone or you can also visit the Goodwill website. Each region of the country has their own individual website which you can find by entering your zip code into the Goodwill office location finder. Though the Goodwill car donation process varies slightly by region, you’ll usually be asked for some general information about the vehicle such as year, make, model, mileage, condition, service records and the estimated fair market value. You will need this same information when initiating Goodwill car donations online, as you will have to enter it into an application form at After they have received the application they will call you to make arrangements and answer any questions that you may have.

Once you have made the arrangements for your Goodwill car donation, you will need to gather the title of the car and any other information or documents that they’ve requested, typically the vehicle’s mileage and service records. Remove all of your personal possessions from the car including those in the trunk and glove box. In some states, you will also have to remove the license plates from the vehicle.

At the time of transfer, you will need to sign over the title to Goodwill or to a representative that is legally authorized by Goodwill to complete the transaction. Fill out all sections on the title including the mileage information to finalize the car donation to Goodwill.

After the Goodwill car donation process has been completed, they have 30 days from the date the vehicle is sold at the Goodwill car auction to send you a receipt. The receipt will be for the amount that the car sold for at the Goodwill car auction. You will need to keep this receipt in order to claim the car donation to Goodwill on your income taxes.

As you can see, the process of making a Goodwill car donation is not very complicated and much easier than cleaning the car up and trying to sell it yourself. You can also take pleasure in knowing that by donating car to Goodwill, you will not only benefit from a tax break, but you’ll be helping the less fortunate people in your local area.

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