Car Donation for Breast Cancer

Car Donation for Breast Cancer
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For those who are unfamiliar with the disease, breast cancer is a type of cancer that forms in the tissues of the breast. It is one of the leading causes of death in women. There are two types of breast cancer, Ductal carcinoma, which affects the ducts that carry the milk, and Lobular carcinoma, which affects the lobes which produce the milk. Breast cancer is more common in women, but in rare cases, can also affect men. Although the likelihood of developing breast cancer increases with age, breast cancer can also affect the younger generation.Car Donation for Breast Cancer

Car Donation for Breast Cancer

Treatment for most forms of cancer including breast cancer is very hard on the patient in various ways such as physically, mentally and financially. This is why many charitable organizations have been formed to not only benefit cancer research, but to help those patients that cannot afford treatment and desperately need additional help. Support groups are now available for breast cancer patients and their families, many of which are funded by charitable contributions. Today, there are many ways that you too can help the people suffering from this deadly disease.

The Benefits of Making a Car Donation for Breast Cancer

One of the ways that you can help is by making a car donation for breast cancer. A breast cancer car donation program is one of the initiatives that have been set up to raise funds and material support for breast cancer patients. Donating car to breast cancer is a worthwhile cause that goes a long way in helping to pay for breast cancer treatment for those who cannot afford it as well as funding research in the ongoing efforts to find a cure for cancer. As with most charities your car donation is tax deductible if you itemize deductions on your income tax return. Also, most organizations will accept any type of car as long as the damages are not too severe. Additionally, these charities will usually cover any expenses, so there are generally no out-of-pocket costs for the donor.

How to Donate Car for Breast Cancer

To donate your car for breast cancer, you will first need to find a charity that accepts vehicle donations and has been approved by the IRS. Most of these charities can be found online and allow for online transactions. Once you are on their website you simply fill out their online form and provide your car’s details. Most of the charities take care of the remainder of the paper work and they will even arrange to have the car picked up. You could also deal with the charity directly by calling them or visiting their local office. After you have signed over the title to the car, they will give you an IRS tax receipt as proof of the automobile donation.

How Breast Cancer Car Donations Work

After your breast cancer vehicle donation has been completed, the charity will usually sell the car and the proceeds will then be used to help fund various cancer related activities such as cancer research, chemotherapy and radiation treatment for those who typically couldn’t afford it, as well as to help fund breast cancer support groups.

You should however be careful not to get taken by dubious organizations. Ensure that the charity you donate to has been approved by the IRS. You can donate your car from anywhere in the United States since there are many different charities located in every state. The Internet can be a resourceful tool in helping you locate a charity in your area. It is also best to call the charity organization to get more information and to clear up any doubts that you may have. Most of them have a toll free number you can use to contact them. Car donation for breast cancer is a great way to make a meaningful impact in the lives of breast cancer patients.

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