Black & Decker MM875 Electric Lawn Mower Review 2018

Black & Decker MM875 Electric Lawn Mower Review 2018
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So you are looking into buying an electric mower for your house. If you are anything like me, I began looking only at the prices of the various electric mowers to try and get the least expensive one I could find.

Black & Decker MM875 Electric Lawn Mower Review

Unfortunately, I realized this was not going to be a quick and easy purchase. Instead, I had a lot of research to do before I could even begin to narrow down my options for an electric mower. The first mower that really caught my eye was the Black & Decker MM875.

There were several things I needed to look further into than simply the price of an electric mower. After looking at the Black & Decker MM875 I realized, if I was going to be making a large purchase like this that I needed to figure out exactly what I wanted out of an electric mower. So my quest for knowledge was on its way.

I had the basic idea of what I should be looking for, or so I thought. I assumed the most important factor in my quest for an electric mower was affordability. Well it was, but there was more that I was looking for that I hadn’t even realized until I began looking into them a little closer.

Here’s What I was Looking For in an Electric Mower:

  • The number of amps
  • The size of the deck
  • Bagging system
  • Mulching system
  • Comfort
  • Warranty
  • Maintenance

Is Size Really Important?

The Black & Decker MM875 has a 19” deck size. Being a mother and a first time mower buyer I had no idea why this was important. Evidentially, I also did not know what the deck size was either. I found that the deck size of 19” was perfect for someone of my stature to easily maneuver around the yard without having to struggle. With a full 19” of a deck I will be able to cut my grass (.25 an acre) in a fairly short period of time. This large size was exactly what I needed and now wanted.  So yes, size is very important.

Power, Power, Power!

With a 12 amp motor, the Black & Decker MM875 was looking even more appealing to me. Through further investigation, I was able to uncover the importance of the size motor and amp voltage for an electric lawn mower. What I found is that with a 12 amp motor helping cut the grass you are able to cut high grass that has gone neglected.  The amp size gives the power behind the mower to push with ease and the ability to keep moving even through taller grass.

To Bag or Not to Bag? That is the Question.

With the bagger on the back of this mower you are really able to give a professional landscaped look to your yard without any extra work. I especially like having the bag designed into the electric mower because it gives it more of a sleek and sophisticated look and feel. Hey, style is everything…even when mowing the lawn.

Mulching, is it all That?

Having the option to mulch is always an added benefit with any lawnmower. But, with the Black & Decker MM875, it is an option that is not an option. Instead it comes with it just incase it is something that you might want to consider at a later time or the final selling point for those that wish to mulch.

Get in Your Comfort Zone

The cushioned handle is an innovative idea that should have been considered years ago. As anyone that has ever mowed their lawn with a gas powered mower knows, the shake in the handle is uncomfortable and often times hard to manage. With the padded grip you no longer have to worry about the calices or blisters. The Black & Decker MM875 is easy on the hands, back and head.

1. You can say ‘goodbye’ to the loud and obnoxious sound of the gas powered mowers when you begin using an electric mower. They are much quieter which helps with keeping your hearing and sanity after you have mowed your grass.

2. The handle can be adjusted to your height which allows for a more comfortable mowing experience overall. Gas lawn mower manufacturers seem to forget that people come in different sizes, but not Black & Decker.

Who really Stands Behind Their Products?

Black & Decker has been around for as long as I can remember, so I know right off the bat that they are not a fly by night  operation. They offer a 2 year warranty with the Black & Decker MM875. This further proves they are willing to go above and beyond what most other companies do.  They go as far as to include the bag and mulching in the warranty. Truly amazing.

What About Reputation?

Reputation is everything to me and to many people. I want a product that has rave reviews online and offline. So I started looking into what other people were saying. I did find a few reviews that were not completely satisfied with the Black & Decker MM875, but in general these seemed to be people that had too much land to be able to cut the lawn with an electric mower.

The vast majority of the reviews I came across were in favor of this electric mower. Some of them even mentioned this being their first electric mower. I will go as far as to quote some of them from around the net.  “Amazing lawnmower for the price,” “Love it!” “Another great product from Black & Decker” and the list could go on, but I think you have gotten the picture by now.

Where Can You Buy Black & Decker MM875?

You can buy this lawn mower from Amazon. They provide FREE shipping and from what I know, Amazon currently has the best deal comparing to other online retailers. Click here to view on Amazon.

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