Black & Decker MM575 Electric Mulching Mower Review

Black & Decker MM575 Electric Mulching Mower Review
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I just recently bought my first home, and as everyone knows all the responsibilities of maintaining the property lie on my shoulders.  Naturally I decided to start looking into buying a lawnmower.

I am what I like to call environmentally conscious, so I knew ahead of time that I wanted an electric lawnmower. I had already done an extensive amount of research before I started to narrow down my options for the perfect  electric mower.

What I need in my electric lawnmower:

  • First and foremost, I need an electric lawnmower that is going to be manageable for my slightly short stature.
  • I am not willing top compromise on power just because I am shorter than your average person.
  • I want a deck size that is not going to cause me to have complications trying to maneuver the mower around my yard.
  • I absolutely must have the mulching option for my electric mower.
  • A price that is within reason. I can’t fathom going broke just so I can cut my grass  the environmentally friendly way.
  • I want quality, style and dependability.

I know my list was not too long, so I should be able to find an electric mower that meets all of my criteria and needs.  Sadly, not too many electric mowers actually met my criteria completely. Most of them, with the exception of the Black & Decker MM575.

The Benefits of the Black & Decker MM575

1. The most important thing for me was that I am able to actually push the electric mower without struggling. I am just under 5 feet tall, so finding a mower that I am comfortable using can be quite a task. Because the Black & Decker MM575 has 12 amps it is considerably easier to handle, even with a slight incline. From the information I gathered both online and offline, it appears as though  this electric lawnmower virtually propels itself. In one review I read it stated this mower was similar to using a vacuum cleaner, as far as the handling was concerned.

2. The 18 inch cutting path allows for a decent 100 foot range cut. This is perfect for me so I could cut more grass in less time.

3. My most favored  aspect of the Black & Decker MM575 is the one lever adjustable height for the blades. With the utmost of ease,  the four wheels can single handedly be changed to an elevation of 1 inch to 3 ½ inches.

4. Mulching was an option that was a must have for me, which is one of the main reasons I opted to look further into the Black & Decker MM575.

5. In comparison to many of the other electric lawnmowers I looked into, the Black & Decker MM575 is quite reasonably priced. I was able to find it online for between $200-300.

6. It is vital for me, especially when I am about to make a larger purchase that the manufacturer stands behind the item. Black & Decker have been around for a long, long time so I believe I can trust them as a manufacturer to stand behind their products 100%. In addition to their reputation, Black & Decker does offer a pretty remarkable warranty. For starters, they have a limited lifetime warranty on the deck. Then they go even further and offer a limited 2 year warranty on the rest of the mower including the side chute.

I must admit, I was a little concerned about buying an electric mower because I didn’t want to have a lack in performance. However, after reading multiple reviews about the overall performance of the Black & Decker MM575, I no longer have a single concern about how well it will perform.

I also found, in my research, that many individuals that had concerns about the power cord soon found they were worried over nothing. It is apparent that the power supply cord is long enough to cut  a decent amount of grass with.

I can not attest to the actual workings of the electric lawnmower as of yet, but I will say, from all of the information I have gathered and researched this is one of the most favored within the $200-300 price range. Everything from the look to the performance of this mower has me anticipating ownership of it. According to the majority of reviews on this mower on Amazon and the Black & Decker website rated the overall performance at between 4-5. This is quite impressive for me, especially for an electric mower.

Complaints and Dissatisfied Customers?

Of course, as with every purchase if you look hard enough you are going to find someone that didn’t like something about the product. However, I was only able to find a handful of complaints about the Black & Decker MM575. Some of the complaints were about the cord not being easy to maneuver around. This seems like an easy fix to me. Others were about a faulty  parts that were quickly replaced by the company. I also came across a few that seemed more like a buyers remorse compliant or a complaint because the individual did not research the mower thoroughly enough to make an educated purchase.

My best guess would be, anyone that chooses to purchase this electric mower will be pleasantly surprised with the quality of its manufacturing, the performance and the ease of handling. From the information I found, no one seemed to have a single complaint about the handling of this electric mower. I would recommend this one as a first time electric mower buyer or a repeat buyer. I’m sure you  will be happy with the performance, design  and the price tag.

Where Can You Buy Black & Decker MM575 Electric Lawn Mower?

You can buy this lawn mower from Amazon. Based on my understanding, Amazon currently has the best deal comparing to other online retailers. Click here to view on Amazon.

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