A Look At The Top 10 Highest Paid American TV Actors in 2016

A Look At The Top 10 Highest Paid American TV Actors in 2016
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A Look At The Top 10 Highest Paid American TV Actors in 2016. Every week, as you get from work, you would wish the traffic jam vanishes, so that you can get home and watch your favorite TV show. Those talented, charming and fun-filled actors who you wouldn’t want to miss them. It is a fact that they got what it takes to keep you glued to your TV, but another great fact is that they get a very fat paycheck, just to air one single episode. With the many favorite actors on TV, here are the top 10 highest paid American TV actors in 2014.

10 . Tim Allen

Tim stands proud with a payment of $235,000 per episode, which he proves that he doesn’t care about the negative talks from people, as long as his bank account is well fed. Allen is on his most recent show, Last Man Standing, which pays him a lot of money. In addition to the TV show, he has a very profitable deal with a stand-up comedy in Las Vegas, which boosts the earnings. Other than the stand-up and the TV show, Tim has voiced an advert for Pure Michigan and the Toy Story That Time Forgot on ABC.

9. Michael C. Hall

He is known for playing the serial killer in the TV show, Dexter. The last series might not have thrilled many fans as such, but Mr. Hall was enjoying his bank account with $10 million. Michael makes a remarkable salary of $350,000 per episode.

8. Jim Parsons

Known for his role in The Big Bang Theory, Jim has been many people’s favorite and it has been reported that he will receive a raise from his already fat paycheck. In 2013, he made about $12million from the show, where he was being paid $350,000 an episode, where he played Sheldon Cooper.

7. Angus T. Jones

This boy has technically grown on Two and a Half Men, starting to cast the show when he was only 10 years. He is estimated to worth $15 million, and at 21 years now, this could be his last season in 2 and a Half Men. This is according to his Twitter handle, where he termed the show as filth. Agnus started earning $300,000 per episode, at the age of 17, which made him the highest paid young actor. Though he quit acting, he stands at number 8, with an earning of $350,000 a week.

6. Patrick Dempsey

You most likely know him as the doctor on the medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy, which aired on ABC. The TV Show earned him $16 million, from a weekly pay of $350,000. He also signed a deal with Simmons Beutyrest, Silhoutte (An Australian eye wear company) and Porche. In addition, Patrick earned some extra millions from featuring in Le Mans, a sports car ad. He has been playing the cast of Dr. Derek Shepherd on Grey’s Anatomy, since ’05. Despite his already happy bank account with the previous series, ABC is planning to bring in the 11th season of the series.

5. Kevin Spacey

Kevin makes it to the top 10 highest paid American TV actors in 2014 with the amazing role in House of Cards, a political drama on Netflix. He made a remarkable $16 million as a result of the amazing TV Show. He also played on Horrible Bosses 2 and had an endorsement deal, which all earned him more money. He stands among the first big stars on movies to feature in an Interne-based TV Show, and there is a 3rd series of House of Cards set to be aired next year and he will receive a raise in it.

4. Neil Patrick Harris

How I Met Your Mother was many people’s favorite comedy on TV, and Harris stole the heart of many viewers. Though the last season was not the best to many fans, he managed to make $18 million, and as of last year, he was earning $15 million from the show. He has a leading role on Broadway and he was featured in the Angry Inch and Hedwig. He has a deal with American Airlines and he is also planning to launch a memoir. Harris is also many people’s favorite to host an award show.

3. Mark Harmon

The star of NCIS earned over $19 million and it is amazing, because he has no deals or other projects that boost his paycheck. All the millions come from NCIS, which is super impressive, and he has been starring for 11 years now in the TV show. This makes him as one of the highest paid oldest TV actors, in addition, most of his fans are old folks, characterized by the length of the series. He is planning to produce and star another show, which could boost his earnings even more. The TV show earns him an amazing $525,000 per episode.

2. Jon Cryer

Jon is also one of the longest serving actor on a TV show, as he co-stared Two and a Half Men for nearly 11 years now. He started off the TV show with Charlie Sheen, and now he stands as the second most paid American TV actor. Jon earns $19 million, which translates to $650,000 per episode, and he expects to get even more as the show could extend it airing. He also plans to launch a memoir later on next year, which could boost his earnings even more.

1. Ashton Kutcher

You would have guessed this right as Kutcher hits the number one spot. Kutcher is reported to make about $26 million to star in Two and a half Men, replacing the former highest paid, Charlie Sheen. Despite the ratings of the show falling since Sheen left, it still has some loyal fans, who help Kutcher to earn his big paycheck. Ashton is the highest paid American TV actor, earning $750,000 per episode. Even though the show is set to end this year, that won’t stop Kutcher from feeding his bank as the show will go into syndication. The actor is still getting paid from That 70’s Show, which is syndicated.

These are the top 10 highest paid American TV actors in 2014 that will not stop making money, thanks to the syndications of the shows and other endorsement deals that boost them. In addition, these actors are also featured in a number of blockbuster movies, which also costs millions to hire them. In as much as they are earning millions of dollars each year, they are still many people’s favorites.