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The most influential people in the world is based and chosen on many factors. The person should have made a great impact in addition to contribution to the masses. The following individuals did, and still do, exactly that.


Time Magazine listed her as one of the hundred people who has made a difference in the world. She is well-known for the book called The Secret alongside her DVD on avoiding the pitfalls of negative thoughts and not to become a victim. She is an Australian producer of the series Sensing Murder and Marry Me as well as a popular television writer. Her book sold almost 4 million copies by springtime (2007) and her DVD over 2 million. A perfect role model is definitely someone like Ronda, a smart and compassionate woman who can teach us how to stay positive and attract only the good from life.


This very beloved guy was known and cherished by most. The respect he gets is definitely earned as he grew up in an orphanage and various foster homes. He had to make his peace in order to practice and teach what he believes in. His fans call him ”father ” and he spends as much of his time showing others how to do the same regarding how to overcome certain obstacles and making their dreams a reality.


She is definitely the Voice behind all voices and one the greatest influential people in the world. Her program is a multi-award winning talk show which is one of the highest rated television shows ever of its kind. She is a talk show host, producer, actor and philanthropist. It’s hard to believe that she endured a lot of pain as a teenager and still managed to become so great. Her influence on her fans is simply tremendous and her Angel Network Charity has generated more than $80 000 000, of which she covered the administrative costs.


Mandela was an anti-apartheid activist who fought for democracy and freedom. He had to spend twenty seven years of his life in jail before serving as president in 1994 up until 1999. He has led his people towards a multi-cultural democracy. He believes in passion and reconciling. He won the Noble Peace Price in 1993 while being actively involved in fighting Aids and racism. His book “A Walk to Freedom” still is a best seller. He is the best peace of mind person who has made a difference in South-Africa.


Tutu received his first Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 for fighting Aids, racism, homophobia and poverty. Even though he is now retired he was the first black archbishop in Cape Town who fought for what he believed in and in July 2013 he stated that he would rather go somewhere else (hell) than to pray for a God who is homophobic (if that would have been the case). He feels as strong about it as he feels against racism. He was part of the Apartheid era and says he has struggled the same way others did but he forgave the people who have caused him harm.


Grey specializes in what we often call the New Age movement, which includes psychedelic and visionary art. His creations have graced various albums for bands like Nirvana and Tool. His contribution to the world of art is known universally. Grey is also a member of the Integral Institute alongside being the Chair of Wisdom at the University of Scared Art. In addition, he is a member of the board of advisers of Cognitive liberty and ethics Center. Both him and his wife are the co-founders of a non-profit church (The Chapel of Scared Mirrors) who supports visionary culture in New York. Since he was a little boy he buried dead animals and insects from all over in his back yard because he liked the sight of death and perfection as it crisscrossed his drawings and art form an early age up to now.


Otto was determined to prove that the transmission of nerve impulse was nothing more than chemical as at that time it was believed to be electrical. He dreamed about an experiment which would have proved just that, but when he woke up he couldn’t read what he wrote. He had the same dream again a few nights after and decided to test his theory immediately. It worked and he got a Nobel Prize for his theory on chemical (transmission) of the nervous impulse.


Banting’s mother died of diabetes which motivated him to find a cure. At first he found the next best thing, a treatment; even though it wasn’t a cure it enabled people who suffer from diabetes to live longer by using the insulin injection. Frederick had a dream which told him to tie up the pancreas of a diabetic dog in order to stop all flow of nourishment. He did just that and discovered the balance between insulin and sugar. This discovery won him a Nobel Prize in Medicine at the age of 32. He was named Canada’s first professor and has made a huge difference in diabetic people’s lives.


Wenger is known as the girl who had taught a computer to diagnose breast cancer. Britneygraduated from high school (Florida) recently. Last year she invented a less aggressive way to diagnose breast cancer with her diagnosis app, which by the way won her the Google Science Fair grand prize in 2012. Her service as well as the research she is doing is called Cloud four Cancer. With the help of her pioneering method she can use her computer with diagnosing breast cancer. Currently a student at Duke University, she made the choice to turn her focus to Leukemia by using the same (computer) algorithms. This girl definitely made a difference in this world.


Zach was diagnosed with cancer in May 2012. Faced with a terminal illness he turned to friends and family. Sobiech loved playing guitar and he started to write songs witch made saying goodbye easier in a way. His first song ”Clouds” became one of YouTube’s most popular songs and KS95 played the song on air while encouraging people to live life to the fullest. Zach died on the 12th of May 2013. Clouds did not die with Zach and his fans made sure they pushed it up to the first place on iTunes in order to keep getting Sobiech’s message through to people. His will to fight against the inevitable made a huge contribution to cancer research. All proceeds from his record goes to finding a cure for osteosarcoma (a terminal form of cancer).

The 10 people who changed the course of the world as mentioned above made the world what it is today. People need to believe in the greater good. Hope and strength to carry out your purpose on a daily basis can make you one of the greatest influential people in the world, and become the peace of mind people you read about. They are loved and known for a reason, and it wouldn’t have been possible without believe.