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Philosophers are individuals who helped shape the world through their rational and intricate ideas. Philosophy based itself on principles of science. Most of these individuals were never appreciated during their time of work. This meant that they would often die poor. It was not until modern times that their teachings began to achieve popularity and respect. The top 10 philosophers in the world are presently acknowledged as intellectual geniuses. They all embraced a different way of thinking that was beyond the inklings of this world and/or space.



John Locke is one individual who shaped the face of politics in the modern world. He is often referred to as the Father of Liberalism. John Locke’s ideas focused on principles affecting freedoms of individuals and humanism. He was the strongest campaigner for equal rights. “Government with the consent of those governed” was John Locke’s strongest plea.


Unlike other philosophers, Niccolo Machiavelli was not in search of the ultimate truth about all aspects governing the world. He was more interested in other forms of governorship. He was a realist who focused on political theories in Italy during his time. Niccolo wrote The Prince in the year 1513 where he shared his hypothesis on how to use power to realize political strength. What garnered Machiavelli popularity was his philosophy that the end always justifies the means. How one was to go about achieving their goal was not important. The actualization of the objective was all that mattered.


This man’s philosophies were based on Existentialism. Existentialism refers to the idea on what it means to be being’ and how different it is from nothingness’. His views were noted to be almost as similar as those of Karl Marx. Jean-Paul Sartre believed that men had been condemned to freedom’. This basically meant that men were responsible for making decisions. This was something they were meant to do and not a privilege that they were given.


Thomas is known as the man who proved the existence of God during his time. He presented the argument that the universe was created by something because everything in it has an end and a beginning. This came to be referred to as The First Cause argument. Many individuals who came after Thomas have tried and failed at proving or countering his theory. This remains as Thomas’s most popular philosophy.


Confucius is considered to be the greatest philosopher who existed in Eastern history. During his time he worked very closely with the government. He made a lot of assumptions relating to ethics and political beliefs. Confucius had many ideas on democracy. He believed that no emperor should hold power in its full extent. His most popular philosophy on democracy is “Never impose on others what you would not intend for yourself”. Another one is “Knowledge is recognizing what you know and that which you do not know”.


Socrates is known as one of the world’s greatest philosophers. He was known for being among the first philosophers to emerge from the Western world. He became popular for his philosophy about the Socratic Method. The Socratic Method prompts us to always question what is around us. Once we have found answers to these questions, we must look for ways to critic these answers. Socrates basically advises us to never stop thinking about what surrounds our everyday life and how it came into being.


Rene Descartes is referred to as the Father of Modern Philosophy. Descartes came up with analytical geometry. Analytical geometry involves the use of algebra and his Cartesian coordinate system. This system is taught in almost all instructions that teach mathematics. Descartes was a learner and thinker. He discovered the theories behind reflection and refraction. The superscript is something we credit to Descartes seeing as he also invented it.

Rene Descartes advocated for dualism. His most famous philosophy related to the ability of the mind to possess an incredible amount of strength over the body. His greatest quote remains this: “I think, and therefore I am”.


This man is well known for his fervent rejection of Christian beliefs in line with Western assumptions. Friedrich believed that the only solution to the rotten society was individual change. One had to transform their perspective on life and create values they should live upon. This would lead to total purification of the society. Friedrich Nietzsche’s most popular philosophy starts that an individual’s morality makes them superior to others. Nietzsche’s teachings and works were used by the Nazis.


Plato is one of the greatest philosophers who ever lived. He was a follower of Socrates. Most of Plato’s works were derived from Socrates’ teachings. Plato’s most popular philosophy remains that of The Forms. According to this wise man, abstract things achieve the highest form of realization in the world. As these things continue to change, how we perceive them also changes. The material world possesses a weak reality. He believed that there is a higher power that controls our universe. Everything in the universe inclusive of us, what we touch, what we eat and what we like in this world all belong to the creator and to the universe as well. His was an exceptional line of thought that remains famous and popular.


Aristotle tops the list of the greatest philosophers in the world. He remains as the first individual to develop a group of systems that criticize almost everything. This ranges from logic, literature, politics and even science. He is the first person known in Western history to develop the argument on a hierarchy system by all things in the universe. This was his most popular philosophy which stated that there has to be a kind of ladder that governs all things in the universe. This principle was what was used to develop the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom.

Aristotle was known to be extremely insightful about various topics both concrete and abstract.

These philosophers’ works are still greatly celebrated by thinkers globally. The principles they came up with are celebrated and still observed in many countries. With time the number of philosophers has dwindled. Few can try to fill these great individuals’ shoes. There is little hope that there will ever exist one as great as Aristotle or Plato. We can only but hope. One thing remains to be true; these men are the 10 greatest philosophers this world has ever seen.