The 10 Best Zoos to Visit in the World 2018

The 10 Best Zoos to Visit in the World 2018
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Whether you are out to satisfy your craving for quality creature time or you just want to bond with nature, zoos are one of the best places to hangout. Imagine chilling with polar bears, lions and monkeys all in one place. Despite being a make shift home away from their natural setting, zoos provide the best conditions for wildlife sustainability. There are lots of zoos around the world that occupy lots of acres in space and house various species of wildlife. Discussed below are the top 10 best zoos in the world which you can visit.

10. Beauval Zoo, France

This zoo which is located in France was opened in 1980. It firsts operated as an aviary and housed more than 2,000 species of birds. In the 1990s, other animals were introduced making the zoo grow to more than 4,000 animals today. The zoo is divided into various segments with each section housing specific species. There is the La Savane Africaine which has animals such as the wildebeest and marabou stork, Australian house with the koala, Bassin des Lamantins with the West Indian manatees and the Serre Tropicale des Singes teemed with Chimpanzees and orangutan.

9. Animal Kingdom, Orlando

The Disney Theme Park collection situated in Orlando, Florida is home to the Animal Kingdom. Despite the zoo being a commercial entity, all efforts are being made by the zoo management to ensure that the zoo becomes as natural as possible to each of the animals that live there. There is ample space for the animals to move around and the destruction from human beings is at its lowest. The main aim of the zoo park is to promote conservation to the highest level. There are as many as 1,500 exotic animals together with birds and fish species within the Animal Kingdom zoo.

8. National Zoological Gardens of South Africa

Regardless of the fact that South Africa is part of the greater African continent that is known for natural habitats, it has in place the National Zoological Gardens. Located in Pretoria, this is one of the most attractive zoos in the world. It is the largest in South Africa with over 2,500 animal species. Many of the animals that can be seen today in the zoo were born and bred there. Within the zoo, you will find a reptile park, a collection of exotic trees and a huge aquarium teemed with fish species.

7. Basel Zoo, Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the coolest countries in Europe. It is not only serene for human beings but for the thousands of animals that are found in the Basel Zoo. The zoo was opened in 1874 effectively make it one of the oldest in the world today. Of the many attractions in Switzerland, this zoo is the second most visited in the country. The zoo is popular with cheetahs, dwarf hippopotami and Somolian wild donkeys.

6. Schönbrunn Zoo, Vienna Austria

This is the oldest zoo in the world. The ancient feeling is almost evident from the pictures and even the sight of it when you visit. Situated on the scenic grounds of Schonbrunn Palace, this zoo first opened its doors in 1752. This location is unique because it allows visitors to view their favorite animals while taking in stunning architecture. It has been totally dedicated to conservation and features animals such as elephants, sea lions, pandas and jaguars.

5. Bronx Zoo, New York

In metropolitan United States, this is the largest zoo you will ever find. It covers over 250 acres of land and contains lots of endangered and rare species. There are over 4,000 animals including Siberian tigers, hissing cockroaches, lemurs and many others. It is divided into a number of sections with each part containing specific species. Some of the famous sections are Tiger Mountain, Congo Gorilla Forest and Madagascar.

4. Toronto Zoo

Canada has reserved over 700 acres of land in Toronto for the Toronto Zoo. It ranks among the biggest in the world with a population of more than 5,000 animals. This zoo became one of the habitats that participated in the year of the frog, 2008. This followed a realization that the amphibians were under threat of extinction. It is frequently visited by tourists both local and international.

3. Whipsnade Zoo, England

This zoo which covers over 600 acres is located in Whipsnade, England. It offers lots of space for the animals to roam without interfering with the visitors who have their own paths to follow. There is usually a car that takes the guests round the zoo to see the exhibits. The large expanse in terms of space also allows the zoo management to try out some interactive exhibits. The animals located here include rhinos, sloth bears, lemurs, lions and cheetahs. The zoo also plays a very significant role in providing a habitat for other over-crowded zoos.

2. Singapore Zoo

The first source of attraction when you visit the Singapore zoo is the landscape design. It is incredible especially when pictured at sunset. It has many species of wild animals which form a unique and fun attraction. One of the activities you can never miss while visiting here is the Jungle Breakfast. Here, you have an opportunity to enjoy your breakfast while watching the animals from afar. You also get a chance to feed the elephants while being entertained by the orangutans that freely mingle with people.

1. San Diego Zoo, California

Home to the tigers, elephants, sun bears, koalas, pandas and orangutans, San Diego zoo which is located in San Diego California was started in 1915. The first animals that it took in were those which had been abandoned by a local exhibition. Since then, the zoo has taken a progressive and animal friendly approach which has seen it grow in terms of animal species and even the staff who work there. One of the interesting things with the San Diego zoo is that it uses moats instead of bars to protect the animals. This has transformed the habitat making it more natural to the wild animals.


The reason why these zoos are classified the top in the world is not just about the acres of land they occupy but also due to the fact that they house a number of species of animals and birds. Many visitors tour these zoos to catch a glimpse of the rarest species in their almost natural habitats.