10 Best Chinese Actors Of All Time

10 Best Chinese Actors Of All Time
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10 Best Chinese Actors Of All Time. China boasts of a large entertainment industry that is not less than Bollywood and Hollywood. As a matter of fact, some of the best Chinese actors have landed international recognition because of their incredible skills and awesome performance. The actors and actresses are as gifted as their colleagues across the globe. China being one of the largest countries in the world, she has being involved in mass production of millions of award-winning movies based on different themes and genres. These Chinese movies always incorporate the strong and typical cultural facet of the country coupled with great acting skills and cinematography.

We get the opportunity to familiarize with the country’s finest actors courtesy of China’s rapidly expanding entertainment industry. However, you can only develop interest in these actors if you know something a little about them and their films. Due to this fact, this article presents to you 10 most popular Chinese actors of all time. They are not just great in acting, but also have other skills in singing, martial arts and movie directing. So, who is your best actor?

10. Tony Leung

He is an accomplished Cantopop star who mostly acts in Cantonese speaking movies. However, he has also featured in many celebrated Mandarin films. One of his famous films is the epic “Red Cliff” that narrates the story of a war that brought a dynastic landmark in prehistoric China. He plays the main actor trying to protect the Kingdom of warlords against the imperial soldiers. He displays a skillful and compelling performance in this movie, despite the numerous alliances, deceptions, plotting and strategies.

9. Zhao Benshan

If you are a comedy lover, then do not miss to watch Zhao Benshan movies. He is a gifted and entertaining Chinese actor. He has mastered old school Chinese performance arts. He is an outstanding performer and if you would wish to laugh your heart out and link with a heartwarming actor but does not care much if the movie is realistic, then look at his performance in “Getting Home”.

8. Chow Yun-Fat

Born in 1955, Chow Yun-Fat is popular and highly gifted Chinese hero. Some of his celebrated movies include The Killer, A Better Tomorrow and Hard Boiled. He earned an Oscar Award for the film, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. His prowess in acting has enabled him win the heart of both east and west audience.

7. Ge You

He is among the most recognizable faces in Chinese Film industry. His performance in “To Live” has been marvelous and has tremenously helped to build his profile. Ge You is talented enough to captivate the audience attention inside the cinemas and surely he is an actor to reckon.

6. Andy Lau

He is one of Hong Kong’s most popular actors thanks to his exemplary acting skills. Born in 1961 as Andy Lau Tak-wah, he commenced his acting career in 1982 and since then he has appeared in several movies. He has featured in films like A moment of Romance, Boat People, Running Out of Time, Blind Detective, Infernal Affairs, among other academy-winning movies. His prowess has seen him bug several awards including Best Actor of Hong Kong Film Award and two Golden Horse Best Actor Awards.

5. Anthony Wong

He is a multi-talented actor who can assume different characters in both comedic and dramatic settings. Check out the film, “Secret” to ascertain his quirks and wit. In this movie, he assumes the role of a school teacher and father to the main character. Despite his magnificent comical contribution in the film, he also brings some reality in it. Words along cannot fully describe Anthony Wong because he got the talent.

4. Donnie Yen

Donnie Yen - 10 Best Chinese Actors Of All Time

Handsome and gifted, Donnie Yen is not only popular in Cantonese and Mandarin-speaking countries he also enjoys recognition among global audiences. His popularity gained a major boost when he acted in a martial arts film dubbed “Ip Man “ which got a positive reception from the global audience. As the main character in this movie, he did not only showcase old school Chinese fighting styles, but also blended them with contemporary martial arts techniques like Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, Karate and Judo.

3. Jet Li

Jet Li was born in 1963 and is a proclaimed and seasoned martial artist and actor. He earned his popularity from the film, Shaolin Temple (1982). He continued performing in several outstanding martial arts films and some of his renowned movies are Romeo Must Die, Once Upon A Time In China series, Unleashed, War and Kiss of the Dragon. Truly, Jet Li is the heartbeat of many Chinese Movie lovers.

2. Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan, a celebrated Hong Kong actor, producer and filmmaker needs no introduction since he is one of the most influential Chinese movie stars. He has earned his popularity through acting in hundreds of Hollywood and Chinese films. Some of his sensational movies include Drunken Master, Spiritual Kung Fu, Battle Creek Brawl, Half a Loaf of Kung Fu, Dragon Lord and The Young Master. He was born in 1954 and is a brilliant martial artist and actor popular for his innovative stunts and acrobatic fighting style in the movies.

1. Bruce Lee

Bruce was born back in November 27, 1940. He was and still is a well-known film actor and martial artist. He entered the field of martial arts movies in the 1970s and some of his awesome films included Game of Death, Enter the Dragon, Fist of Fury and Chinese Connection 2. Bruce Lee is a prominent personality whose name will always be honored in the history of film industry.